Tui Na

tui na acupunctureDr. Steven Schram an acupuncturist in NYC, has successfully treated patients with Tui Na techniques for conditions such as joint pain, arthritis, sciatica, back, shoulder or neck pain, migraines–even allergies . This practice, like acupuncture, is rooted in Chinese Medicine. It is helpful in the treatment of all kinds of conditions, from constipation, insomnia, and other stress related conditions to problems with the joints, muscles or the musculoskeletal system. Tui Na combined with acupuncture, can address many discomforts and conditions, but even more importantly Dr. Schram uses tui na and acupuncture to keep you healthy and prevent any potential illnesses from progressing.

Unlike traditional massage, Tui Na is highly therapeutic. The term in Chinese means “push, grab” because the practice involves a type of gentle pulling or pushing of tissue. But there are many massage like moves that make up the practice of Tui Na. The goal is to free up the many blockages our bodies develop, blockages that inhibit the flow of Qi (life force, energy). Dr. Steven Schram, is skilled in many forms of bodywork, including Tui Na. He can evaluate and focus hit treatments to address the distribution of energy deep in your body, improve the flow of Qi and help your body heal itself.

Rooted in one of the four branches of TCM-Traditional Chinese Medicine, this practice is from the medical massage branch of TCM, the other three being herbal medicine (including nutrition), acupuncture and beneficial exercise, such as Qigong. Using Chinese medicine, Dr. Steven Schram can assess patterns of disharmony in his patients, outlining a recommended treatment plan that may include chiropractic, acupuncture, herbal medicine and qi gong.

Dr. Steven Schram has a Ph.d. in chemistry, and is a licensed chiropractor and acupuncturist. He also studied Chinese herbology and medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Stressing the importance of keeping the body and the life force in balance, his patients have experienced the life changing effects of healing with acupuncture and TCM. Call Dr. Steven Schram today at (646) 736-7719 for a consultation, and learn how Acupuncture and Tui na can begin your journey to optimum health and well being.

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