Tui Na Manhattanville NY

Asian Tui-na Manhattanville NY is a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, and consists of medical, therapeutic massage. Practiced in China for thousands of years, this form of massage has been used for individuals of all ages who are looking for a form of external massage to free up the qi and establish harmony in the body. Through the use of rhythmic massage and compression over the meridians and pathways of the body, tui na massage in NYC is able to encourage a more healthy flow of qi and work to bring the body back into healthy harmony.

Asian Tui-na Manhattanville NY utilizes a wide range of various massage techniques and is often used in conjunction with acupuncture and other techniques to optimize results. In some cases, Dr. Steven Schram, a highly successful and effective practitioner of the technique, will also utilize specific Chinese herbs and nutritional practices when necessary to optimize results.

Many of the techniques used in Tui-na massage in Manhattanville NY are similar to those used in most common western massage clinics. Some of the most common movements include but are not limited to rolling, pressing, shaking, friction, tapping, kneading, and gliding. The muscles and tendons are massaged directly with the hands and often through the use of acupressure techniques and methods. This helps to target specific problem areas associated with poor qi flow so as to encourage the release of blockages and to promote faster healing and improved overall well-being.

Tui Na Massage: What to Expect

A typical Chinese healing massage session will last an average of thirty to sixty minutes, but the length of the session will vary greatly depending upon the needs of the patient. Dr. Steven Schram will determine the length and type of treatment needed after a thorough examination and evaluation

What is the Purpose of Tui Na Massage Manhattanville NY?

The primary purpose of the practice is to help to relax as well as energize the patient. While doing so, Dr. Schram is able to target specific issues and work to correct both acute and chronic issues associated with problems with the muscles, joints, or skeletal system. This form of massage can be very helpful at treating disorders of the ankles, legs, thighs, arms, back, neck, shoulders, and hips. It can also help to relieve insomnia, headaches, constipation, and issues with the respiratory system.

Why Choose this Method?

Perhaps the greatest advantage of this form of massage is to restore the balance between both physical and mental health. Since this type of massage is able to both encourage the health of the body and relaxation of the mind, it’s often sought out as an alternative to other, more commonly “traditional” medical practices such as surgeries and medications. Since over-the-counter medications treat the symptoms of an issue but not the root cause of the problem, they often result in the issue coming back and the chemical components of the medications can also lead to unwanted side effects that are best avoided when possible.

Steven Schram, an Expert in Chinese Healing for Manhattanville NY

Dr. Steven Schram is an acupuncturist in NYC who has used these all-natural techniques to help patients to treat joint pain, sciatica, back and shoulder pain, and even migraines and allergies. Dr. Schram often combines tui na massage and acupuncture in order to address conditions and discomforts and more importantly, to prevent future illnesses from occurring and current problems from progressing.

Unlike your usual forms of massage, tui na is used in a primarily therapeutic way. The term itself literally means “push, grab” as the practice involves the gentle and purposeful pushing and pulling of the tissues of the body. However, like other forms of massage, this TCM method can incorporate a number of different movements. Dr. Steven Schram incorporates all of these techniques in order to free blockages that the body can develop due to inhibitions in the flow of qi. He focuses his treatments in order to facilitate a healthy distribution of energy and to improve the flow of Qi.

Dr. Steven Schram has long been considered a go-to acupuncturist and chiropractor in Manhattanville NY. He has over 30 years of experience practicing several components of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM. He incorporates nutrition, acupuncture and exercise as well as massage. Since his experience is varied and widespread and he has significant knowledge and training, he is able to develop effective treatment plans that address the patient’s individual needs.

If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort or another issue for which Dr. Steven Schram utilizes Tui-na massage and you’re looking for an alternative method to medications and surgery, consider paying Dr. Steven Schram a visit. To schedule a consultation and to experience firsthand the many benefits of massage and the healing hands of Dr. Schram, don’t hesitate to contact (646) 736-7719. His friendly office staff will help you to schedule an appointment.

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