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Qigong is yet another powerful tool that has long been considered an integral part of Chinese healing and medicine. This ancient system focuses on physical postures, intention, and purposeful breathing techniques in order to promote healing. The word, which is divided into two Chinese words, literally means “life force” (qi) and “accomplishment” (gung). As a whole, the word means developing or cultivating “life force” and reflects the purpose of the practice which is to maintain health and to increase vitality.

Qigong can be divided into three subgroups, namely medical, spiritual, and martial. Whatever this approach might be, qigong always involves a particular posture, mental focus, and breathing techniques. The goal is to increase or store the qi or to use it to cleanse and to heal the body of ailments. Some of the most well-known qigong practices include Kung Fu and Tai Chi, but many of these movements can be easily adapted and used in a medical capacity.

Why QiGong Manhattanville NY?

Many healthcare providers like Dr. Steven Schram, an acupuncturist recommend qigong exercise as an effective alternative medical approach that can be used in conjunction with other treatments to expedite results. The purposeful movements associated with qigong Manhattanville can help to lower stress, increase strength and vitality, and boost the immune system. Evidence suggests that qigong exercises can also help nurture a healthy circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, and respiratory system. Not only this, but Dr. Schram and other practitioners of like mind believe that the practice can help to reduce falls in the elderly, speed up healing, and calm the minds.

Who Can Benefit from Qigong?

One of the beauties of Qigong is that it can be practiced by individuals of all ages and athletic abilities, ranging from children and individuals with physical limits to competitive athletes. Additionally, qigong can be practiced at any time and in any place, making it convenient and affordable for all.

In China and now in the United States, qigong techniques have been used in hospitals and private practices in order to help patients who are dealing with all sorts of ailments and to combat side effects experienced due to chemotherapy and radiation. The practice is often used to help develop strength and coordination in those who are living with:

  • multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • cerebral palsy
  • chronic pain

Practice Qigong with Dr. Steven Schram

Dr. Steven Schram is an acupuncturist Manhattanville who also practices a common and easily practiced form of qigong known as Tai Chi. As a key technique used in Chinese healing, qigong can be a highly valuable method, especially when combined with other Traditional Chinese Medicine methods such as acupuncture, nutrition or Chinese herbology, and tui na or medical massage. Dr. Schram uses qigong and these other methods to improve the patient’s qi or “life force”, to encourage healing, and to help to prevent future health issues and conditions. Through the use of breathing techniques and focused movement, Dr. Schram is able to harness qigong exercises to help patients to eliminate blockages in their qi and to improve the flow of their life force. The ultimate goal of his qigong Manhattanville techniques is to help cultivate a peaceful, meditative, and healthy state in his patients’ minds and bodies.

Dr. Schram believes that qigong massage and techniques are more than just an exercise; they are a type of medicine, not to mention a martial art as well. While some may see the practice as simply a form of exercise, Dr. Schram uses qigong massage and exercise largely for its healing and medicinal properties and abilities. Since disease is caused by a disruption in the flow of the qi in the body, it’s often believed that a sedentary lifestyle that involves poor posture, emotional upheaval, and excessive sitting can be a contributing factor. Improving emotional health and correcting these issues can help the qi to flow more freely, thereby improving overall health and bodily function.

While qigong is not useful for all patients, Dr. Schram certainly understands the value of having this practice as a part of his repertoire at his clinic. Once he has completed a thorough diagnostic exam and evaluation in order to determine where a patient’s challenges lie, he works with the patient to determine the next best steps, be it acupuncture, tui na, qigong, or a combination thereof.

As a licensed acupuncturist and chiropractor and as someone who has participated in extensive training in the fields of herbology, Dr. Steven Schram is a veritable fountain of information in the realm of Chinese healing and medicine. If you’re interested in learning more about alternative healing approaches, certainly give the office of Dr. Schram a call to schedule an appointment. Contact 212 696-4426 today to schedule a consultation.

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