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Migraines plague so many individuals on a daily basis and the limitations they bring are virtually limitless. Not only can the pain be absolutely unbearable, these headaches can also lead to distorted vision, dizziness, and other similar disruptions. Many who are experiencing these pains are unable to participate in their daily activities, like work and school. Why continue to go through life limited by pain when a solution might exist?

Chiropractic Treatment for Migraine Relief in Manhattanville NY

Dr. Steven Schram understands the importance of quick and effective migraine relief. He knows how limiting intense headaches can be and he has over three decades of experience helping patients by providing chiropractic adjustment treatments in order to help ease discomfort and encourage healing. Migraines can last from hours to days, and the goal of Dr. Schram’s chiropractic treatment is to provide the care needed to help reduce discomfort and reduce the occurrence of future pain.

Whether you suffer from auras migraines or ones that seem to come out of nowhere, Dr. Steven Schram is able to provide chiropractic treatment that helps facilitate relief. As a licensed acupuncturist and chiropractor, he has extensive experience helping patients to treat the root cause of their migraines.

Far too many people suffer from pain and all of the subsequent symptoms in silence. Eye sensitivity, distorted vision, dizziness, nausea, and pain can be a show stopper after onset, and no one knows this better than Dr. Steven Schram. Instead of popping pain medications whenever the symptoms arise, this professional doctor provides chiropractic adjustment treatments designed to treat the root cause of the pain instead of just putting a bandage on the pain but not actually treating the issue.

Dr. Schram takes a very detailed approach when treating patients who are living with auras migraines. He conducts a very thorough examination and evaluation prior to beginning any treatment plan so that he can make an accurate diagnosis that will help him to develop a successful treatment. He tirelessly searches for the root cause of the pain so that the affected vertebrae and misalignments can be found and addressed. In most cases, these maladies are caused by misalignments in the spinal column or the cranial suture in the skull. In some cases, acupuncture meridian imbalances may also be to blame. When misalignments occur, they can limit a healthy range of motion and can cause pressure which leads to headaches and other aches and pains.

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When a person is dealing with a migraine, it can be hard for many providers to nail down the actual location of the problem. Since there are several areas that could be the trouble spot, it takes a seasoned hand and a qualified provider to be able to locate the issue. It’s important to choose a migraine relief provider who has years of experience diagnosing and treating patients who are suffering from head pain.

Dr. Steven Schram is familiar with many diagnostic techniques such as static palpation and motion. This allows him to uncover areas of tenderness, tension, and misalignment. He is well known for his ability to accurately diagnose issues as well as provide top-notch treatments for head and neck pain. He has extensive knowledge of Cranial Sacral therapy and spinal manipulation and he has successfully helped patients for many years by adjusting vertebrae that have become misaligned and out of place. The result is an increased range of motion, reduced stress on the vertebrae, muscles, and joints, and improved positioning and posture.

Through the use of both general as well as specific hands-on manipulation and light pressure, Dr. Steven Schram is able to apply just the right amount of pressure to the cranial suture thereby restoring healthy cranial and spinal motions. The relief that this is able to yield is undeniable, and many patients have lauded Dr. Schram’s ability to simply and effectively treat head and neck pain in a way that provides real results. In fact, many people report feeling almost immediate relief due to the release of the misalignment and the rebalancing of the cranial sutures.

Dr. Schram truly brings a whole host of skills and abilities to the table and his unique degrees and accomplishments have truly distinguished him as a doctor who provides very cutting edge treatments. As a provider who is both a licensed chiropractor and acupuncturist as well as highly skilled in visceral stimulation and Cranial Sacral therapy, you’d be hard-pressed to find a chiropractor who is as highly skilled and capable.

If you’re looking to give chiropractic treatment a try, call the offices of Dr. Steven Schram today to schedule an appointment for a consultation. We’re sure you’ll be impressed both by his approach to treatment as well as with his caring attitude and friendly demeanor. He and his staff work hard to make his practice a welcoming environment, and we look forward to helping you experience the relief you deserve. Call (646) 736-7719 to schedule a time for your visit.

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