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Lower back pain Manhattanville NY is an incredibly common issue that affects millions of individuals. Since the lower back supports so much of the body’s weight, it’s easy to understand why repetitive stress on the body can result in a pinched nerve and subsequent nerve pain both in and around the area of the lower back. Nowadays, with most people having a sedentary job, poor posture is rampant and can cause any number of issues, including nerve pain.

If you’re one of the many people out there looking for lower back relief, you may be pleased to know that surgery and medications are not the only answer. In fact, many people have found that chiropractic care can be even more effective at treating lower back discomfort. The care provided by Dr. Steven Schram, the best chiropractor in NYC, is able to yield phenomenal results and provide patients with a fuller life free of pain and discomfort.

Dr. Schram is a chiropractor who provides lower back pain relief to patients who are living with both acute and chronic discomfort. Back pain can be caused by any number of issues, including illness, injury, and improper alignment. With all of the hours that the average person spends at a computer at a desk, it’s no wonder that the repetitive stress on the lower back can lead to a pinched nerve and chronic pain.

chiropractor lower back pain Manhattanville NY 04 - 646-736-7719 Best Chiropractor Lower Back Pain Manhattanville NY  – 646-736-7719

Get Professional Chiropractic Treatment for Lower Back Pain

In the vast majority of cases, it can be tricky to diagnose the source of nerve pain as many times, the actual root cause of the problem is not where the symptoms are being experienced. It takes a skilled hand, like that of Dr. Steven Schram, to diagnose and locate the problem and develop a treatment plan that will not just correct the symptoms, but the issue itself.

There are a number of different treatments that can be utilized to correct back pain and similar issues. These techniques include:

  • acupuncture
  • spinal manipulation and adjustment
  • biofeedback therapy
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • massage

Dr. Steven Schram is one of the few providers who has the ability to professionally provide several types of treatment. Due to his diverse and widespread knowledge, it’s no surprise that many of his patients have reported experiencing real results. No wonder his practice has become the go-to destination for those who are seeking chiropractic treatment.

Dr. Schram has helped so many patients to kick their chronic pain with the help of a lower back pain adjustment or other lower back pain treatment. He has over 30 years of experience using his deep knowledge of human anatomy to help patients who are seeking lower back pain relief. He is both a licensed chiropractor and acupuncturist who is familiar with a number of different techniques, including palpation and Eastern pulse. This knowledge has made him far better at diagnosing lower back issues and providing lower back pain adjustment treatments.

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During an initial consultation, he’ll take the time to understand your medical history and to discuss your concerns. He’ll make sure that he familiarizes himself with any preexisting conditions, as these can often impact the treatment path. Since certain issues can be exacerbated by some treatments, he makes sure to skip any steps in the evaluating and diagnostic process. His experience with palpation and other diagnostic techniques has made him well equipped to provide patients with an accurate diagnosis. Not only this, but his attention to detail and his 30 years of experience has made his well able to address a multitude of patient needs.

Dr. Schram not only provides top-notch treatment, he also provides patients with a dedicated, friendly approach that is sure to put patients at their ease, whether they’re familiar with chiropractic care or they are seeking all-natural methods for the first time. Regardless of where you are in the healing process, there’s no denying that Dr. Steven Schram is the best chiropractor in NYC for those who are looking to finally experience a long-lasting solution to lower back discomfort.

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If you’ve been dealing with pain in the lower back and you’re interested in pursuing lower back pain treatment from the best chiropractor in NYC, don’t hesitate to give the office of Dr. Steven Schram a call today! Why should you have to spend one minute longer living with untreated pain that you could be able to treat without the need for surgery? Instead, go to someone who may be able to help you to eliminate your back pain once and for all. To schedule an appointment for a consultation at the office of Dr. Steven Schram and to experience firsthand his hands-on approach to back pain treatment, call (646) 736-7719 today or pay us a visit on our page.

Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain Manhattanville NY

Dr. Steve Schram provides chiropractic treatments for patients with lower back pain from these ares of Manhattanville NY: Manhattan, NYC, Midtown NY, Battery Park City NY, Financial District NY, TriBeCa NY, Chinatown NY, Greenwich Village NY, Little Italy NY, Lower East Side NY, NoHo NY, SoHo NY, West Village NY, Alphabet City NY, Chinatown NY, East Village NY, Lower East Side NY, Two Bridges NY, Chelsea NY, Clinton NY, Gramercy Park NY, Kips Bay NY, Murray Hill NY, Peter Cooper Village NY, Stuyvesant Town NY, Sutton Place NY, Tudor City NY, Turtle Bay NY, Waterside Plaza NY, Lincoln Square NY, Manhattan Valley NY, Upper West Side NY, Lenox Hill NY, Roosevelt Island NY, Upper East Side NY, Yorkville NY, Hamilton Heights NY, Manhattanville, Morningside Heights NY, Harlem NY, Polo Grounds NY, East Harlem NY, Randall’s Island NY, Spanish Harlem NY, Wards Island NY, Inwood NY, Washington Heights NY

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