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Acupuncture Gains More Acceptance

Posted By :   Steven Schram

by acupuncture-nyc on April 5, 2014

Hundreds of patients have discovered that acupuncture is not only a highly successful treatment option, it is the best road to optimum health. Acupuncturists in nyc have one objective- find root causes of illnesses and treat those rather than just deal with symptoms. So many conditions and health problems can affect one’s quality of life. An acupuncturist in nyc should also be trained in the diverse treatment options Chinese medicine offers.

Look for a practitioner that is highly intuitive, and has a deep and broad educational background if you want high quality care. Acupuncture goes back thousands of years, and has proven extremely beneficial. TCM- Traditional Chinese Medicine has four categories, branches, medical massage, chinese herbology (and nutrition), acupuncture and beneficial exercise. Acupuncture therapy in nyc is highly accepted as a viable form of treatment, even those who also believe in Western medicine.

acupuncture NYC | Acupuncturist NYCPatients who suffer from joint pain and arthritis, issues of the back, shoulder or neck pain, along with migraines, fertility issues, allergies–have all found relief thanks to acupuncture treatments. Many stress and stress related issues like insomnia, smoking and constipation have also been successfully treated. Acupuncture is a natural, form of treatment that can help the body heal itself.

TCM methods can be practiced in conjunction with acupuncture therapy to correct disharmony and establish balance in the body. It works to perfect the flow of qi, also known as the “life force” or “life-energy.” Our bodies have a complex system of meridians, pathways through which our qi flows. There are at least 200 points along the meridian, that can become blocked. Known by some as a cold spot, this blockage stops the qi from flowing. Eliminating these blockages can help protect one from illness, disease, toxin build-up and additional physical and emotional problems.

Chinese medicine involves many methods, such as Tui Na, Qigong, cupping, moxibustion. Many acupuncturists in nyc have in-depth training in these other methods. A perfect treatment for unresolved health issues, acupuncture treatment in nyc has been gaining acceptance and respect in more traditional medical circles. Chinese medicine has long taught that the true road to health is preventative, which is absolutely true.

Acupuncture treatments in nyc can be highly successful when used to treat conditions that are psychological AND physical in nature, such as weight loss, quitting smoking and serious pre-menstrual conditions. These treatments are hardly “mysterious,” as they have been used successfully for thousands of years in China and around the globe. Many patients found Chinese medicine and acupuncture to be the best way to move beyond unresolved health issues that they have been struggling with for years, and find new energy and optimism about their health.

In this video Dr. Schram discusses the importance of acupuncture treatments
and his New York City practice.

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