Chiropractic Care After Back Surgery

If the trauma of a back condition and extreme back pain has led to surgery, the idea of visiting a chiropractor might seem nerve wracking. However, with Dr. Steven Schram in nyc, you have nothing to fear and everything to gain. Chiropractic care after back surgery is extremely safe. In fact, it has become increasingly common as the medical community, as surgeons realize that the trauma of surgery can cause improper alignment, extreme muscle stiffness and soreness that proper chiropractic care can resolve.

Dr. Steven Schram specializes in post surgery back care. Rehabilitative work is as important as the surgery itself, as improper healing can take place. Scar tissue can form around misaligned vertebrae, muscles can grow stiff from misuse, slowing down the healing process and limiting mobility. The proper chiropractic care after back surgery can solve all these problems, by increasing the flow of healing fluids, which revitalizes the slippery substance around the joints.

While surgery can be necessary to repair some kinds of extreme damage to the back, it causes secondary trauma to surrounding tissues. Dr. Steven Schram conducts a comprehensive, non invasive evaluation, devising a custom treatment plan for post surgery. X-rays or an MRI may be necessary, before treatment, to carefully evaluate what kind of surgery you’ve had, spinal fusion or lumbar laminectomy — and how you are healing.

Dr. Steven Schram has over twenty years of experience in chiropractic back care after surgery and will be extremely careful about the kind of pressure he will use to ease the joints and vertebrae back into place. Soft-tissue therapies may also be needed, and homework prescribed. This homework generally involves exercises useful in strengthening core and your back.

As back surgeries become more common, rehabilitation has become very important. Many patients report continued back pain months or even years later after surgery, due a lack of proper post surgery care. An experienced practitioner like Dr. Steve Schram helps patients strengthen their back, re-align vertebrae in their spine and find relief and improved range of motion as they heal.

A common issue after back surgery is also the adjustment of posture to accommodate areas of pain and pressure, which can cause secondary pain and discomfort. This ripple effect of pain and stiffness can be avoided with the proper chiropractic care after back surgery. Regain your strength and mobility more quickly, and begin to help your body heal itself with the gentle, experienced care of Dr. Steven Schram. Find relief, freedom from stiffness and let the healing begin with chiropractic care after back surgery.

For over twenty years, Dr. Steven Schram has helped his clients live pain free, fuller lives after back surgery. He continues to research and study the latest techniques in chiropractic adjustments, care and acupuncture. Call him today at (212) 696-4426, for a consultation and take the first step toward letting your body heal itself.

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